Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Callie's Birthday -- Twice

I thought it would be nice to celebrate Callie's first birthday while we were in CA with family. So, celebrate we did.

Birthday Party #1
A bear cake for our little Callie bear.

Eating her birthday cake.

Birthday Party #2

Back in home with a 101 degree fever and running nose.
(And a warm delights lemon cake.)


Kirstin said...

I cannot even believe she is already one. Seriously, where did that year go? It seems just a few months ago you were getting her, and we were seeing teeny tiny newborn pics of her. Crazy. Happy First Birthday baby girl.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Ummm, that cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday Callie (I have totally had a brain fade about sending her a card--sorry!)

maryirene allen said...

happy birthday callie. has it really been one year? crazy. you are probably so grown up since we last saw you. we love you!
ps i loved the video. i pictured you in the apartment next to us. i almost got up to run over and knock. oh, wait, we both moved. bummer.


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