Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Very Own Clue


In the dining room.
With the force of her body weight.

Background: Callie has a tendency to bother Sammy. Samantha does put up with it quite well, but nonetheless, Callie frequently can be seen hanging on Sammy's high chair tray, trying to feed Sammy, crawling over her, etc. Ya know, basic sibling stuff.

Scene: Witness put Sammy in her high chair and gave her some croutons and apple slices. She began eating. Callie, being the roamer that she is, also ate apple slices ("aaaapo") and croutons while she was on the go...roaming in and out of the family room. Witness proceeded to get dinner ready.

Victim: Sammy the older

Culprit: Callie the wild

Witnesses: Mommy was present, though denies seeing too much. The following is the best assumption of what happened.

Crime Description: Culprit surreptitiously approaches her victim while victim happily eats her food. Witness is unaware in the kitchen, cooking lentils. Culprit wraps her little fingers around the edge of victim's tray and pulls downward, causing the high chair to plunge forward. Witness turns and sees victim's face as she plummets to the ground. Victim looks stunned with eyes wide open as she continues downward. Luckily victim is protected by her tray which hits the ground before her head or body does, but unfortunately her body does hit the tray. Ouch. Upon impact, victim remains sitting in high chair and cries out, while culprit is pushed to the ground from falling high chair. She, too, begins to cry out. Witness runs to the rescue, pulls victim out and tries to comfort her. Enter culprit for sympathy and possibly to apologize? Unlikely.

Verdict: Hugs for everyone.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Very cute story! Scary, though! Yikes! I can just see Sammy with those big eyes! And I can hear Callie say aappo, too. Great job!

Heather said...

How very sad--But kinda funny and cute--in a glad no one got hurt kinda way.

Rob and Marseille said...

Cute story. You've got to print it and put it in their baby books.

Laura said...

Goodness! What a fall! I've seen Josh push and pull Maia's highchair to where I imagine something like your story happening. I'm glad they're okay.


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