Monday, October 5, 2009

I Have No Pictures to Post

So, is it even worth posting if I have no pictures? Probably not. But alas, I continue to type. I just feel like I haven't been in touch with anyone in so long, yet we've only been here a week. Here's the update:

* I have an appt. with Sammy's new school on Wednesday -- Argonaut Elementary
* We are waiting to find about certain other programs, which includes therapies
* We're pretty much all moved in
* Marcus is sick
* We think Sammy was/is sick
* I got sick today...but seem to be feeling a little better already
* Callie is the lone survivor on the sick list
* I've been trying to work on Christmas presents
* Decided to send out Christmas cards -- yikes -- and need to get on those (we'll see if it really happens this year)
* We started the paperwork for adoption and want to get that rolling
* We already bought the girls' Halloween costumes (so cute I could barf! isn't that a pretty picture?)
* Marcus is headed to Provo next week to meet with his professors to work on his dissertation
* Planned on starting Callie's quilt, but think the sewing will have to wait until after the New Year
* Started The Book Thief, which I already really like, but have had no time to keep reading it
* We have Direct TV in our room -- thus no time to read these days. Boy did I miss cable. HGTV,TLC and I have had a great reunion and found out we're the original BFFs -- internet is not in our room, and well, Blog, I loved you but you've definitely taken the back seat.

I feel like we've been so busy, but we haven't really done anything. You know that feeling? I really don't like it. Like you're always going, but nothing is really getting done. Grrrr But, pretty soon we'll have a schedule again...Sammy will get into school, therapies will start up, and we'll be much more structured. I thrive on insane busy life. I feel like I get more checked off my to-do lists.

Anyway. That's our quick update. More to come!


mj said...

I'm laughing as I'm reading this because your life sounds similar to mine. All my friends think I'm crazy with all that is on my plate, but it's {mostly} how i like it. busy. full. things to check off and for which to feel accomplished. we need to get together.

Heather said...

We downgraded our cable when we moved into our new house--we lost HGTV and it was a sad day . But also good--less to watch on TV and a lower monthly bill. :) You can keep watching for the 2 of us. I miss those shows, atleast we have TLC in our little 12 channel package.

Lynsey said...

Does Marcus have a place to stay when he comes to Provo?
I just thought I would mention we have a basement "apartment" if he ever needs a place to crash...
It rarely gets used...
And I know what you mean about TV.. We upgraded cable instead of getting football tickets this year.. needless to say we don't just watch the football games.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Uh-uh! HGTV and *I* are the original BFF's (I love my directTV/DVR rocks!)

Peggy said...

Jenny -

Glad you made it to California. Let us know if you have a free weekend and we can get together.


maryirene said...

so glad to hear that you are settled. i agree it is so nice to get schedules set. i do better when my days are busy. i hope you love your new therapists! good luck with the adoption. i'm so excited for you. let us know when you have your profile and we'll help spread the word. love ya.


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