Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Halloween 2009

At the ward Halloween party. Callie was checking out Sammy's wings.

In front of the big pumpkin. Callie's smile...does that look forced?

Halloween night before Trick or Treating. It was quite a trick getting a picture of these two together. This may be the best we got.

Ready to get this party started!

Sammy's warm up before going to a few houses
-- opening and shutting the door.


Launi said...

too cute! i love your little fairy girls! :)

Adespain said...

SOO cute! I love the fairy theme!

Heather said...

They sure are cute!

Lili said...


Brittney said...

This is Rhett. How are you guys? Hope all is well. The girls look cute. Jenny, how do you know Chad Hines???

Courtney said...

so adorable! I love it!

those also sound like really fun callings. you guys will be great at them!


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