Sunday, March 13, 2011

Imported from Detroit

I have already mentioned my Detroit pride, so perhaps this won't be any surprise.  But I have to say that Chrysler really did it for me.  I didn't watch any part of the Super Bowl, so I didn't catch the commercials.  The past few months, however, I've been seeing the commercial below, and it gets me excited every time I see it.  The familiar sightsThe music.  Even the guy crossing the street.  I love it all.  The kind of strange arm and fist sculpture, the painting in the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA, I love you.  There were many a fieldtrip to the DIA), the downtown buildings.  The street signs.  I am overwhelmed with love when I see this commercial.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  But it's true.  I'm the kind of person who feels deep connections to people and places, and as weird as it may be, I feel love when I see this commercials.  Sure, I know there must be some haters out there.  We can't all love what I love (though it would really make things easier), but I for one, love it.  Doesn't the phrase Imported from Detroit just make you happy?!  Come on....

It makes me feel proud.  It makes me feel proud to know that I'm from a city and community that fights -- when we're down, we fight to come back on top.  Hopefully it makes the rest of the country feel proud of their Michigan-made cars as well. 

When I went to youtube, I didn't see the shorter version of the commerical that's been on tv (I'm sure it's there, just didn't want to take the time), so this was my first chance to see the full version.  2 minutes.  I hear it's the first 2 minute commercial for the Super Bowl.  It must have cost a lot.  Anyway, I think I like the shorter version better.  It gives those images, the same cool guy walking across the street, and the Eminem music in the background.  I didn't know he was actually in it...and I think I like just having the reference to him better than actually seeing him in it.  But I do love seeing the Fox Theater -- the theater we would go and see the Nutcracker, the Rockett's, and different shows and musicals, and though I've never been to a concert there, I've always wanted to if that counts for anything.  Oh, it's good people.  It's so so really good. 


Lori and Matt said...

I LOVE this commercial and I've never been to Detroit! Matt and I both stop talking or drop what we're doing when this commercial comes on!

Jenny said...

Awesome Lori!!!! 2 points for D-Town!


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