Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh

Many years ago, many many years ago, I used to watch Clean Sweep on TLC. (I think it was TLC). I loved the concept -- clean out the STUFF. I am not pro when it comes to organization, but I love the idea of it. For that reason, this was a really motivating show. I quickly became a fan of Peter Walsh because he worked with these people, step by step. Create your piles....keep it. Donate it. Toss it. He helped people determine what was worth keeping. I liked his methods and have even tried to use them on my mom! Mom, I love you...but you got to just toss most of it.

For Christmas this year, Analisa got me a giftcard to Amazon (thank you!), and I decided to purchase some books. What books would be worth keeping? What books would I want in my home always, instead of just getting it at the library? Whatever happened to the library anyway?! Recently, I told Marcus we have way too much book clutter. Save money (a heckuva lot of money) and space and check books out. I think we agreed that we're going to do that. I'm all about buying books and creating a family library, but make it the best books, ya know? Ok, back on I decided that I wanted to buy this book that I've been wanting to read -- It's All Too Much. This is how I've been feeling lately, and I knew that I'd want it as a reference. So, bought it I did.

I really liked this book. First, it was a fast and easy read. Second, for someone like me who doesn't come by organizing naturally -- or someone who has a mild case of hoarding (I mean, I may need it one day. It'll save me money down the road.), Mr. Peter Walsh gives "easy" steps of how to conquer each room. I say "easy" because it's not easy to emotionally detach from stuff. That's why we keep it in the first place. But it's so important -- at least for me. While I read this, I was also listening to his book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat on cd. It was all very motivating to say the least, and parts of it were repetitive, but that was ok with me. During this time, I've gotten rid of boxes of stuff that were being stored in our bedroom. I've gone through my clothes and determined if I really needed to keep some old dresses just because there were good memories attached at the seam. I cleared off our desk and our dresser -- both areas that ALWAYS get covered with stuff. Peter makes one statement that has stuck with me and that I really try to do -- flat surfaces are to remain flat. They aren't storage areas. So, I'm really working on that. It's so easy to just put something down on a flat surface, but is that where it goes? No. No no no no. I'm working on it though. I'm a work in progress. And this will probably be life long. That's ok though. I think it's worth the effort. Today, I got rid of 3 more boxes of stuff -- 2 in our room and 1 in the garage. We don't need that stuff anyway. And if we really need it, I'll get it again.
The point is, I really liked this book and I will refer to it again...when we move and we're setting up our place, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be using his methods to make sure our space is functional and beautifully clutter-free. Thanks Peter.

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Rob and Marseille said...

good job! I'm definitely a hoarder, but I'm trying to be better.


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