Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Charity

The red metal buckets and the ringing bells are out...and I'm excited.  I'm selective when it comes to donating my money to "charity."  But even when money is (perpetually) tight, there are always a few causes that I find worthy of scraping the bottom of the purse for.  Here are a few on my list, and a few that I think are worthwhile for bias here...


Salvation Army

I don't know why, but putting my loose change in these red kettles makes me do the people ringing the bell.  I encourage you to drop your loose pennies in the red kettle next time you pass one by.



Whenever I donate money to the church, I know where 100% of it goes.  100%.  The church has an incredible welfare program  and I feel honored knowing that I'm a part of helping my brothers and sisters in my own backyard, and also throughout the world.  Whether you are a member of this church or not, it has an amazing reputation for it's worldwide welfare assistance and I'm sure anyone is free to donate.


Sammy Sam

The girl's cute, what can I say?  It's not easy, but whenever we get any "extra" cash, we try to put it in her account toward her therapy.  And 100% of her account goes to her and her therapy.  She has a long road ahead of her, but if I'm still invited, I want to keep going along with her.  It's amazing to witness her overcome, figure it out, and  b e c o m e.  She's a doll and every penny is worth it to me.  We're starting to plan Sweatin' for Sammy 2012, and just please know all you who have donated in the past have made a HUGE difference in her, and our, life.  Thank you.  If you are around for our 5K in the spring, please come.  It'll be awesome.


Now I Can 
Photographic Documentary Book

I would just say that Now I Can is the cause worthy of my cash...but right now, it's this book FOR Now I Can that I'm passionate about.  Maybe 'cause the little girl pictured above is in it a few times and I actually wrote in the book...I mean, that is kind of cool.  But more importantly, this book will make a difference.

I first met Michael Ririe back in Utah during Sammy's therapy at Now I Can.  I was so impressed with him ~ with his heart.  He's done work before to draw attention to Now I Can, but he's decided to take it a step further.  In creating a book of professional photographs that showcase these children...their well as what is written about them, we are hoping to bring more awareness and raise funds for the center -- allowing more financial assistance to families like us.  We were recipients of a grant that helped cover some of the expense.  That extra money made a big difference to us and insured Samantha's return to Now I Can this coming March.  What if every family in need could send their child to Now I Can with some kind of financial assistance?  What is the potential of this small book?  It will raise awareness.  It will tell the real story to future possible donors.  And ALL proceeds generated will go back to Now I Can therapy grant fund.  100%.  That money will go towards Sammy.  It will help a lot of people.

$1.  $5.  $12.75.  $25.  More?  My weekly blog "hit" is roughly 500, give or take.  If every hit was $5, that's $2500.  Pretty cool.  Anyway.  Check out the link to Kickstarter -- Now I Can -- A Photographic Documentary Book and watch the video.  And decide.  If enough people don't support it and the book doesn't happen, your donation won't be charged.  You won't "lose" a thing.  We have until December 31.  But if there are enough of us, and this book does happen, you could be one of the many who believe in this program and help Samantha and other kids just like her.  The video, alone, is worth a look.


These are the causes in my radar currently -- they are the things that matter most when I think about giving/charity/cash "gifts."  Some of these I can give to all year long, others I can't.  But either way, what I love is feeling of giving to something I feel is worthwhile.  I know I'm not alone in that.  Who wants to throw money away?  But when you can give with confidence, what a happy feeling.  It's nice knowing that the little I can give makes a big difference.  It makes me happy.

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