Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter.  2014.  Busy!

Mom and Dad fly in town -- Wednesday
Lisa comes in town -- Thursday
Ted's family comes in town -- Friday
Sweatin' for Sammy -- Saturday
Church Easter Picnic -- Saturday
Easter (Church) -- Sunday am
Lunch with Uncle Brian, Aunt Margaret, Cousins -- Sunday afternoon
Dessert with Green's -- Sunday pm

I'm not sure if this Easter 2014 was as reflective as I normally try to make it, but we were surrounded by a lot more family than we normally have around this time of year.  We had a full house filled with my side of the family, and my in-laws had a full house of their own with everyone coming in town...Chris, Bryan, Analisa and Alex...of course Megan and Colin are here and we saw Scotty and Annie and Nate on Saturday.  It was family filled and that was more than great.

We didn't get a family picture.  In fact, in general, I didn't get enough pictures that entire weekend.  But I did try to get pictures of the kids on Sunday morning.  Despite Callie's protests, I took a picture of her, and it's the best I got!  Micah...well, he was too interested in Easter eggs to stand still.  But she looks angelic.  Way to go Sammy.  

The above picture is way better, but I love her toothless smile!

Callie picked out her dress about a month before Easter and every Sunday would ask if she could wear it.  She loves it.  She also picked out Sammy's dress.  Micah was dressed, compliments of Grammy.

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The Nelsons said...

What cutie pie babies you have!


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