Monday, April 6, 2015

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

I loved this book. It was so beautiful. To begin with, it is based on a true incredible true story. Many are aware of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Back in the '80's there was war and a terrible amount of unnecessary death...murder. Families were destroyed in a blink of an eye as men with guns wiped out villages within moments. Some were able to escape...many young children traveling alone, seeking refuge.

Part of the book takes place in 1985. Salva is at school when gunshots rip through the village. He runs home to find he is alone. This book shares Salva's story. However, it is interwoven with Nya's story, an 11 year old girl from Southern Sudan in 2009. Each day, for her family to survive, she must fulfill her job of gathering water. It takes a large portion of her time and day. It is difficult work but needs to be done in order for their survival.

Salva is a real a man. After his experiences, he decided to add some good to the world. Salva started a foundation that drills wells in South Sudan. Water for South Sudan  is clearly a work of love. You can hear Salva's story here.

It's such a great I plan on reading with Callie.

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