Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Load Off My Back

...and hips, and thighs, and tummy, and face. It's true. I've lost some weight. And I wasn't going to write about it until I was at my goal weight, but my friend just wrote about a goal she has, and it's similar to mine, so I thought I'd just write about it now -- as encouragment I suppose.

When I was in Michigan picking up Callie, I gained a lot of weight. A lot. And the truth is, I never took off all my pregnancy weight from Samantha -- TWO YEARS AGO -- and I gained A LOT with her. 50 pounds. And Sammy was a small baby! Sure after she was born I lost 18 lbs in about 3 days, but the last 10 didn't peel off. Then with the added weight in MI, I was just big for me. And I had it. I was sick of not fitting into my clothes, of not liking what I say in the mirror, blah blah blah. Plus, I just wanted to be healthy. I suppose that's what sparked the whole 1/2 marathon idea.

My original goal was to lose weight before Scotty and Annie's wedding. I didn't want to have wedding pictures around where my face looked like a marshmellow and my tummy with an innertube around it. In 2 weeks, I lost 7 pounds! Woa! I was very encouraged. I basically ate a ton of veggies. (If you want an in depth plan, I can let you know. I answer all inquiries.) Then I went to CA for Scotty and Annie's wedding and nothing happened for about 3 weeks -- eating treats but watching calories. No more weight loss, but no weight gain.

My next goal was to finish the weight loss by the time Bryan got home from his mission. I started to exercise regularly by running and using weights. Weights make a huge difference -- I highly recommend them. I just did a weight routine at home when I had time, in between each spoonful of food for Samantha, squatting with Callie as my weight, just fitting it in where I could. Usually after running I do my a real arm workout. I have a thing with arms. It's been really fun and encouraging to see my body change.

I've lost a total of 15 lbs. I'm 5 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm excited about that. But my body still looks so different than before I was pregnant. I'd like to lose 5 more pounds so I'll be around my highschool weight. I guess I'd have to lose about 8 more pounds to be fully there, but I'm not trying to be 18, just fit and healthy again. Pounds only give me an indication of that target. So, 5 more and I'll be doing alright. Hopefully I can get a bit more tone and be feeling great.

I had gone back and forth about posting all this. Yes, it's an accomplishment, but that means I have to confess to the world that I was actually 15-20 overweight. But how many of us have weight we want to lose? So, I thought maybe it could be encouraging. I wasn't going to post it until I was right where I wanted to be, but then when Jessica said she needed some encouragment, I thought I'd just proclaim it to the world now: I'm 15 lbs lighter and feeling so much better!


Anonymous said...

Jenny, that's awesome that you're feeling great, and I'm way impressed with your exercise regime. I hesitate at the "15-20 lbs overweight" comment, though...Unless "overweight" is comparing the post-childbirth you to the you of high school. (you've always looked great, and I'm not sure what you're talking about with photos of pudgy cheeks). BUT-- VERY COOL that you're making such lofty goals, and meeting them! All my life I've wondered if I'll _ever_ learn to love running...

D-n-E said...

Congratulations, Jenny! Losing those last pregnancy pounds is no joke. I gain almost 50 with Reid too. The first 40 or so were a piece of cake. The last 10 were trickier, but I felt so good when they were gone. I know it's vain and I'm never going to look like a supermodel, but I LOVE it when I'm skinny. I try not to let my mood be based on my weight but being in a good place with weight is like the sun shining--you can't help but be a little happier.

D-n-E said...

Oh, and we need pictures.

Jessica said...

Hey Jenny, congrats on your accomplishment. It's always nice to make progress on a goal. And it's always nice to feel good about the way you look!! I have a goal to look nice once this baby is born...I would say pre-birth, but why get over-zealous? ;-)

rachel said...

Congrats Jenny! I'm glad to hear that things are going so well. You are awesome!

Rob and Marseille said...

Good job Jenny!!

Kirstin said...

Congrats on the weight loss, but also on getting yourself a healthy weight loss. I struggle and struggle with that. I would love to tone my body and eat better. Joe keeps saying to me..."no pain no gain Kirstin..." but I hate the pain. Plus I am addicted to candy and soda pop. They are my weaknesses. SO I am very proud of you. I would love to see pics! Oh ya, and once again, I just want to tell you that Sam and Callie are gorgeous. I can't get enough of looking at their pictures...seriously!

The Bobos said...

That's awesome Jenny! I have a tip for you, my friend Jenn told me about this great natural way to help weight loss. It's a tea you drink twice a day, once a half an hour before you eat in the morning and once before you go to bed:
Cinnamon Honey Tea
Boil 1 cup of water
Pour boiling water into a cup
Add two cinnamon sticks (McCormicks size)
Add one heaping SOUP spoon full of white spun or raw honey.

It really helps!!

Courtney and Sam said...

Way to go Jenny! That's awesome. Back when I was doing weight watchers, I didn't want to tell anyone because I was totally embarrassed, but it's actually exciting to let people share in your excitement.
It is a little frustrating that you can be the same pre-pregnancy weight, but your body is still bigger. The things you sacrifice to have a baby! Oh well.
Anyway, I'm totally inspired by you! Way to go!

justine said...

wow I am really impressed! It feels so good to be active and eating right, and it makes it easier to keep your goals. I am glad you have posted this, it will help me get back on track (we're vacationing right now...) Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Jenny - You rock! I am so impressed with you and now you are my inspiration. In a while, I will be able to post this same statement as you! Way to Go! (And I think the part about using Callie as your weight is so funny and so smart!) I'm proud of you!

Justin, Amelia, and Zachary Low said...

That is so funny! I was just scrolling down looking at some of hte pictures thinking "she looks so good!" and then I ran into this post. Way to go girl. I got 5 below the pre preg weight after Zach from exercising and eating okay and it was great. It definitely wasn't the same though. My belly was still there, all stretched and saggy. So weird how much having one baby changes your body! Now I am pregnant again, but I have a goal to go 5 below again. We will see what happens! I might be needing your miracle diet 7 lbs in 2 weeks thing! :) Here's to next summer! :)


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