Monday, September 22, 2008

Insight Requested

Because of my new calling/responsibility at church, I will be given some time this Sunday to speak to the women in our congregation. I'll only have 10 minutes, but I can choose to talk about anything I want. I've thought a lot about it and I feel like I know what I would like to address in that very short time. Happiness. I kind of have my thoughts, but I would like your input.

1. Do you consider yourself happy?
2. If you aren't happy, do you have any idea how you could become happy, or happier?
3. What is holding you back from doing what is needed to be happier?
4. What is it that makes you happiest? And not just happy, but really really deep down happy?
5. When you're feeling down, how do you change your mood? What pulls you out of that gloomy feeling so you can feel peaceful and happy again?

You don't have to answer all of these questions, or you can. If you don't want to leave it as a comment, that's ok. You can email me instead. Thanks!


Heidi Ashworth said...

This is such a worthy topic but it is hard to put things into words. I don't know if I am happy or not. I don't know if I really know what it is. I know when I have been unhappy--that's for sure. I know that there have been moments when I have felt really happy. I think that most of the time I feel what would be defined by the word "content". Maybe people just define happy differently than I do.

Anonymous said...

I know I am happiest when I feel at peace. There are many things that make me feel this way; reading to my daughter, spending time with my husband, preparing enough so that whatever I do I do it well, serving others. I also know when I am not happy, but that usually comes from my own actions. For me, Happiness comes from doing, not just being. I have to create an atmosphere where I CAN be happy. Its easy to do, I just have to be proactive. I also have to be self-disciplined to do all I need to do. I'll give an example to illustrate what I am trying to say. Some days I like to sit and do very little. On those days my house gets messy, food doesn't get cooked, laundry doesn't get done, etc. My husband likes things very clean, or else he feels he has to come home and do it after a day of work. So if this happens he is upset. If I am self-disciplined enough to do those things that really don't take much time, even if I don't 'feel' like it, my husband can come home and feel happy to see us instead of feeling like he has more on his to-do list. Its the same with the gospel. If we are self-disciplined enough to follow the commandments, we are blessed, and we are happy. The commandments do not hold us back, they give us more freedom if we follow them correctly, and we are happier. I hope this makes sense!

Marcus and Jenny said...

Heidi -- there are many different definitions of happy. But I like the insight you gave defining it as "content." That gives a different perspective on it. Thanks.

Jessica -- it makes complete sense. I liked how you said happiness comes from doing, not just being. I really believe that but have never put it into words like that. Thanks.

Beth said...

1. Yep
2. n/a
3. fear of failure/ the fact that I am not pregnant
4. Cuddling with my husband
5. I get out my spinning wheel and put on a movie and make me some yarn! Also "alone time" with the husbeast works well. (wink wink)

Danette said...

I define happiness the way both jessica and heidi define it. Reaching out to other people whether they are "in need" or not makes me happy. And it helps to remember WHO brings happiness. I know that sounds cheesy but my journey towards this has been long and hard and I've recognized things that bring true happiness that is lasting and things that only bring it for a little while. For example, retail therapy is often thought of to lift a mood but in my opinion it wears off. Spending time with my kids and husband makes me happy. It is also worth noting that we need to work at finding things that make us happy daily and to not think of it as something we will attain when we get done with school, or get a new job, or when my kids are out of the house, etc. etc. you know what I mean? It is something we can have daily if we look for it and stop waiting for it. Lowering expectations (in a healthy way, not lowering our standards) also can be key. People in our lives are not perfect and cannot be relied upon to make us whole and happy. Only we can do it for ourselves. It is also good to remember that although our lives might have turmoil in it, we can feel peace and ultimately be happy amidst trial and tribulation. Wow! That was long. I probably didn't say it well or everything that I think on this topic, but just a little of what I think. I hope it helps! Miss you! Oh, and what is your calling?


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