Monday, November 3, 2008

8 Things

Here goes....

8 shows I enjoy watching:
1) The Office
2) House
3) Extreme Makeover Home Edition
4) Oprah
5) Samantha Who?
6) Heroes
7) The Biggest Loser
8) Rachael Ray

8 things that happened yesterday:
1) stayed home from part of church with Samantha
2) taught a lesson in Relief Society
3) got Sammy vomit on me
4) almost took down Halloween decorations but decided to wait one more day
5) starting planning my talk for next week
6) took Sammy to the ER
7) watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition
8) discussed serious future plans for our family with Marcus

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1) Samantha calling me "mama"
2) Callie playing house
3) more kids (in time, believe me, in time)
4) Marcus finishing his dissertation
5) Marcus getting a job
6) becoming more settled in one place
7) having a home
8) reading at least 12 books in 12 months (some of you do way more, but this is my realistic goal)

8 things I love about fall:
1) colorful leaves
2) sweaters
3) jeans
4) Thanksgiving
5) hot chocolate/hot cider
6) the prelude to Christmas
7) no need to turn on the heater, no need to turn on the AC
8) chili/soup season

8 things on my wish/dream/goal list:
1) 3 bedroom apartment
2) washing machine and dryer
3) a couch
4) play the guitar easily without putting in the work
5) become a bonafide author
6) be a really good mom (this includes being able to do Callie's hair when she's older)
7) start a non-profit organization with Marcus
8) a new pair of jeans

8 people I'm tagging:
1) Kirsten
2) Marci
3) Reagan
4) Arielle
5) MaryIrene
6) Ashley
7) Rose
8) Thad and Julie


Lori and Matt said...

grey's isnt on your list... unfortunately it's not on mine. it's not what it used to be...

Jenny said...

yeah. I admit I still watch it, but I don't get excited about it like I used to. and, you know why? it's the relationship between Dr. Hahn (forget first name), and Callie. it has ruined the entire show for me, and i really think i'll probably stop watching it all together before the season's over. (i should stop now, but it's a drug) especially because Callie is choosing that lifestyle. it makes me angry, and tv shouldn't make me angry. it should be a time to escape and just least that's why I watch it. So, maybe I should just stick with the Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeoever. hmph

Jared said...

The girls are adorable. I haven't seen a picture of Callie since...the pictures I saw when she first came into your lives.

Is Marcus enjoying his internship?


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