Thursday, November 13, 2008

All is Fair in Love, War, and High School -- by Janette Rallison

Overall, I would have to say that All is Fair in Love, War, and High School was a fun book. It was extremely light. E X T R E M E L Y light. This was one of the authors at the BYU Writing Workshop that I attended this past year. I bought 2 books from Janette Rallison because I really liked her. She was very engaging and down to earth. I also felt, based on our discussions, her presentations, and her reading that she had a similar style to my writing. Or, so I thought. I thought it would be easy for me to write chick lit. And not just easy, but fun. I had started a few things with this type of voice -- stereotypical high school cheerleader-esque. That's when I took the workshop. After the workshop, however, I began writing more and realized that is NOT what I'm interested in. So, I have these 2 books that I felt I had wasted money on. Happy was I when I discovered it wasn't a waste of my money. It was fun. There's not much more I can say about that. I was happy with the ending -- there is definite change in Samantha, the main character, and there's a good lesson learned. Along the way, funny things happen that make you feel for her. And it's good because it's funny stuff, and perhaps a bit over the top, but not too much. I mean, you can really see it happening. It was a fun read. Would I rush out and recommend it to all to read? Nope. But it was clean, funny, light, fast, and enjoyable nonetheless.

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rachel said...

How funny... I just read that book last month. And I really liked it too. I agree with your review it was very light and very teenie boppperish (in a nice way) which was a different kind of read for me since I don't read too much of that stuff. I thought the writing was good though and that the plot was believable.


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