Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Beans for All!

I decided I wanted to have a garden this year. But, in our apartments, I couldn't quite swing it. Not only do I not have property to create a garden, but the way the sun hits, I can't even really have a good container garden. Enter Greg and Julie Massey. They expanded their garden this year and gave me two rows! Thanks! So, this year I decided to just do beans. We love green beans and I wanted to start off small...manageable. Though, who am I fooling? I planted them and Julie takes care of the watering. I'll pick the beans though. Don't you worry about that Julie...I'll take some responsibility for my part of the garden.

Two weeks ago, my beans were barely sprouting -- pretty much mounds of dirt.

Now, they are really pushing through. Marcus and I walked down there on Sunday. I have a more updated picture (these are Julie's, but mine are starting to look like that now too), but haven't uploaded them yet. There is something extremely satisfying to see the fruits of your labor.

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Stephanie said...

Way to go on the garden. I decided recently to finally be a pioneer woman and get with the program! ;) We're growing a tomato plant and some onions, but maybe in the fall I'll get some more vegetables. We have several containers and Eldon made us a window box for our patio. I've mostly planted flowers, but we'll see what happens in the fall. I didn't realize that gardening would be so fun. ;)


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