Friday, February 26, 2010

Paging Dr. Green

(Google Images "Dr. Green." This was the first image. Wow, Marcus has a lot of stuff he needs to work on before he starts practicing.)

A few months ago, I was really optimistic. I thought, Marcus will get his dissertation done within 3 months (bunking with the in-laws) and it'll take about 2 months to find a job. I know the economy is bad and no one can find a job, but Marcus is luckily in one of the few fields that is actually growing. So it can't be that hard to find a job, right?

We moved here beginning of September. It is February. Marcus just finished up his dissertation, passed, and we are moving onto job hunt. We're a little off schedule, but that's problem getting a job, right? (yes, all you who are laughing at me, go ahead) A few weeks ago even we were looking up what is available...and there are jobs. That was really encouraging. Well, those jobs are gone. And while Marcus worked on his resume and curriculum vitae today, I did some job searching for him...narrowing down what is out there based on his training...and the big one -- he's not licensed yet. He needs to find a company that is willing to supervise for 2,000 hours before he can take his test and get licensed. Wow.

I still think he'll find something -- but it just make take longer than I anticipated.

(The famous Dr. Greene. I loved watching ER. Watched all through high school back in the day with Dr. Greene and George Clooney.)

And you know, that's ok. In the few moments of stress that I've recently had ("we'll never be able to buy a house," "where will we possibly find a job?", "what about Samantha? we can't just move around and get re-established for a short period of time again...because we're just barely getting started now..." etc.) , I've been filled with peace. There was a reason that I was optimistic before -- and it wasn't just because it's-better-to-laugh-than-cry-attitude. It's because if we are doing everything we possibly can, and are sincerely trying to follow the Lord's plan for us, then it'll turn out. Maybe it'll take longer, maybe we'll live somewhere we don't want to live, maybe we'll never buy a home...but it's ok. And I'm happy about that.

In the meantime, if any of you know of anywhere that is an awesome job and has full benefits, maybe gives paid, they actually pay for your vacations...please, let us know! Ya know, it's all about connections people.

My favorite Dr. Green picture.
Art by Michael Paglia


Courtney said...

I really admire your attitude Jenny! It is so tough to be seeking employment, but, eventually everything will work out! Like you said, you are doing your part, so you will be taken care of. We will pray for you guys that things happen quickly. And I'll keep my eyes and ears out for job opportunities.

Larissa said...


rachel said...

You do have such a good attitude. You are such a good person and you inspire me :)


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