Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty Training Update

Ahhh this picture makes me laugh.

Well, we've had many an accident, but tonight, something happened. Callie was off playing, then came over to me from another room and said, "Pee." I was pretty sure this had meant she had already peed her pants. But no. She was informing me that she had to go...and go in the potty she did. One victory for the day. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

And as a side note: I love seeing Callie walking around in her little underwear. She's so cute.


Jackie said...

Way to go, Callie! My sister has a 2 year old son she's trying to potty-train. It's tough stuff!

Ashley DeMille said...

Good job! Keep going! it might seem like you take a step forward then 2 steps back but soon it will be done. It is so worth it. Way to go Jenny sticking to it! Way to go Callie for doing such a great job!!!! I am actually getting really excited for Madi to go through that stage. It seems like it makes them seem so grown up.

Rob and Marseille said...



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