Friday, April 9, 2010

Death by Running

How would you choose to die if you had a choice? I have always said "In my sleep." It says a lot about me no? I don't want much work to have to go into it. No pain. Just nice, simple sleep. I've never even considered death by running, but it may be in the cards for me, because, you see, I'm scheduled to run a 1/2 marathon the first weekend of May. I was doing well, running. Then two weeks ago, I stopped. Things got really busy, weekend trips, sickness, holidays, and birthdays...I stopped running. Today, I ran again. I ran 5 miles -- well, I would say I successfully ran about 4 miles. I'm not sure how this 1/2 marathon will go.


Lori and Matt said...

You can totally get back on track- just make it a priority! Good luck trainging! Miss ya!

mj said...

agreed. with lori, that is. just pick up from here and you'll be back on track in no time. where's the race? can i come and cheer you on???

Caleb and Jessica Sainsbury said...

You can do it! Two weeks ago my friend and I decided to run a 1/2 marathon and it's in 2 weeks! So, when you feel like your dying, just think, I'll be dying too!!

Gordon and Robyn said...

You can totally do it, Jenny! What I found was that I would feel like I had hit a wall and couldn't go any further. On race day you may hit that same wall but run just a little further and then your legs will just keep moving. they will carry you the rest of the way.
like Dori says "just keep running, just keep running."

You are awesome Jenny!


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