Saturday, April 3, 2010

School Bus

I'm really behind on my I'll do my best to catch-up. Marcus got a job (details forthcoming) and Scotty and Annie had their baby (pictures to come)...but today, I talk about the school bus.

Sammy has started taking the school bus. I cried the first day she drove off, but it really has been a good thing. I feel like I've already talked about this. I'm sure I have. Anyway. I was driving 32 miles a day -- back and forth, back and forth to and from school. It was getting old. It was messing up Callie's sleep. And once therapy started (which it has) that would be just a ton of driving that I wasn't too keen on. So far, it's gone really well. Sure there are days when she's a little fussy, but she's fallen asleep on the bus, talked/yelled to her heart's content, and even picked up a new friend -- Harrison. We like little Harry. So, without further ado, here's Sammy, all strapped in on her first bus ride.


Heather said...

I am glad that the bus is working out. She looks so grown up sitting on a school bus. I bet it is nice to have her ride instead of drive.

Rob and Marseille said...

cute! does each child have their own seat? do they have an aid on the bus besides the bus driver?

Jenny said...

Each child has their own seat...but 2 kids per bench. There isn't an aid, but it's the little bus, and her buss actually only has 2 at most there are only 4 kids. It's been so great so far!

Ashley DeMille said...

how cute!


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