Friday, August 20, 2010

At the Beach

Between the time we got home from Michigan and I took off to Girls' Camp, we had a few days of fun. During one of those days, I really wanted to go to the beach. So, to the beach we went. Now, my experiences of "the beach" -- meaning, the beaches in California (because I've been informed by many Californians that my beach in Michigan isn't really the beach) -- have been nice. Warm. Southern California. Other than that, my experiences with the ocean have included Caribbean cruises, Cancun, Pacific coast of Mexico, coast of Florida -- Gulf of Mexico side....all very warm and pleasant experiences. When I said, "Hey, let's all go to the beach!" I was unprepared for the beaches up here in the Bay Area. It was cold and windy. Poor Nathaniel didn't last long. I admit, the girls weren't diggin' too much until about 15 minutes before we left...then they were really starting to like it. We would have stayed longer, but ya know. We'll just take another trip sometime.

Callie loving the uncle attention.

Too windy for Sammy. Poor girl.

Marcus and Bryan decided that since they were at the beach, they were getting in. I thought they were crazy, but it was really fun to watch them. They were inspiring though. If we hadn't been leaving so soon -- I was tempted to jump in myself. After awhile, my legs were getting numb from standing in the water, so it can't be that bad if all of you goes numb, right?

Bryan engulfed by waves.

Marcus chest deep in icy water.

Bryan -- funny, now that I look at it...this pictures reminds me of Arielle from The Little Mermaid -- splashing up from the water (except, of course, Bryan isn't Arielle. Maybe...more like he reminds me of King Tritan. Is that better?). But doesn't it look like he should have a fish tail?! hahaha Oh, I crack myself up. But really, now that I'm thinking about it, he looks like a merman. hehe Oh that's good.

Maybe I'm glad I didn't go in after all. It really was cold.

Concentrating as she eats her mini oreos. Clearly that little dress wasn't a good enough "cover up" for this cold day at the beach.

Ok, I get it. You're not happy.

But I took Sammy down to the water anyway, and she seemed to like it enough -- as long as she was holding on tight.

By the time we were leaving, Sammy was loving the sand and having a great time, Callie was enjoying digging in the sand, and of course, the men jumping in in all their bravery made for a great 1 hour visit to the beach!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Goodness, you can hear how bad the wind was on the videos! :) I love Sammy hopping along the sand. My girl freaks out if you try and put her on sand (or grass, for that matter) and screams as though it was a vat of boiling acid! LOL Living in SoCal, I do admit that we have the best beaches. ;)

Becky said...

WOW! Crazy is right. Numb legs? You could not have payed me to get in. :) I love the video of Sammy...such a cute girl.

JAZKK Low said...

Cold!!! That is how most days at the So Cal beaches were too when we were down there! It's August! WHy are you cold!!! AH! At least my kids loved the sand!


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