Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now I Can

Recently I learned about an intensive therapy program that is in Orem, UT. Orem! Right close by where we USED to live. I don't think it was around then, though. Anyway. It's called Now I Can. While we were in Spokane, WA, I talked to Echo (our physical therapist) about doing an intensive physical therapy session for Samantha. One session lasted 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3-4 weeks. Echo was pretty sure she could justify it with our insurance since Samantha's case wasn't so mild -- to say the least. But Echo thought Sammy was too young. It's really tiring and hard on the kiddos. So her rules were the kids had to be 4. I trust Echo. She was phenomenal for Sammy and is actually quite well known in throughout Washington and the surrounding states. (How we lucked out with her, I'll never know. Well, I think I do know...) Sammy is now four, but we don't live in Washington anymore. Echo is no longer our therapist. This isn't an option. Sadness. Then I came across Now I Can. They offer this intensive therapy that sees results, and I would love to get Sammy in for a session. How much does it cost? About $2,000 a week. How many weeks? 3-4 weeks. You do the math. We don't have that money...I mean, we're living with my in-laws for a reason. BUT, sometimes they offer financial aid. There are so many families out there like us. I found this on a friend's blog (Lindsay, can I call you a friend? Are you ok with that?) I just cut and paste it here because she explains it all really well. All you need to do is vote and you could provide families (like ours) with help to get their kids into the intensive therapy that they need. Vote! And vote everyday until Monday.
FRIENDS! I need 30 seconds of your time to help some special kids. Obviously if I didn't think this was important I wouldn't be reaching out to you, if you agree feel free to forward a link to this on to your family and friends.
Four years ago, this little girl came to Now I Can with a walker… and after 4 weeks…she donated it to them! She had learned to walk. Now I Can is a unique charity that offers children with disabilities hope to be able to sit, stand, and walk as other children do. As a charity, they are a unique facility in the United States that offers as much discounted and free therapy as possible. Miracles large and small happen daily at their center. Now I Can wants to help every child reach their goals of independence, regardless of their ability to pay—and now YOU can help without spending a dime.

Now I Can is in position to win $30,000 from APX Alarm this Monday, August 23rd! This money will help many children desperate to have an opportunity to benefit from their unique therapy. A typical 3 week session of therapy costs $6,000,which is a daunting amount for those who already have mountains of medical bills. Now I Can was started to help kids who struggle to say “now I can” as they learn new skills. Four years later, they have helped hundreds of children, and they have all become an inspiration in this important effort to help children reach for a stronger future. Now they need your help.

Please help by “voting” for Now I Can today and once a day until Saturday, August 21st. It only takes a moment and will bless a life forever. Here are the simple directions (printscreens attached for those wanting better directions):

1. Go to http://apps.facebook.com/apxgivesback

2. Enter your email and password to log in to Facebook

3. Click on "Like"

4. Share info "Allow"

5. Click on "Start Voting"

6. Click on green "Mountain" region symbol

7. Scroll down to find Now I Can and click the “Vote this Charity” button

8. Return every day until Saturday and post invitations to invite all your fb friends to join you

On behalf of disabled children and their families--thank you for your time and for sharing this with as many people as possible. We only have five days to do this for the “Now I Can kids”!


Adrienne said...

I know Tracey and Joel (from Oregon) who started/run Now I Can. They are wonderful people!

lesley said...

I second Adge's comment. More than wonderful people. Role models. I idolized her in my teen years. Still do I suppose. But yes, we need to get everyone to vote!

Lindsay Jane said...

A) I'm glad you read my blog.
B) You can definitely call me a friend. We haven't hung out but a rendez-vous in Target qualifies you as a friend.
C) I'm glad you are familiar with, and love, Now I Can. They are incredible.


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