Saturday, August 14, 2010

Together Forever

It's too late this evening to take the time to upload some pictures from yesterday. I'll do that later. However, I had to take the time to write down about this little girl. Yesterday we celebrated Callie being sealed to our family. Oh boy was she all excited when she saw there was a white cake with white frosting waiting for her. All day, she just wanted that cake. She was a bit confused though, as she said, "It's my birthday." But after I told her we were celebrating her "sealing day" to our family, she seemed to come around. "It's my Seeing Day Mommy! I want cake." hmm mmm Callie. That's right.

It's hard for me to remember it being just me, Marcus, and Sammy. She is such a joy -- a true joy -- in my life. All day today, Marcus and I were gone at a seminar to learn a new therapy that we will be doing with Sammy. Colin and Analisa watched the girls for us while we were gone. When we walked in the door, they were at the dinner table eating. Callie screamed in pure delight as she saw us. Marcus went over and said, "Callie!" with his arms stretched out to give her a hug. She ran right past him and jumped into my arms. Now, she partly did this because she knew she was being funny. I could tell it in her eyes and her giggle. But isn't it the best when your child is so thrilled to see you?! I mean, really. Callie adores her daddy too -- no doubt about that. And after a hug and kiss from Daddy, Samantha came toddling over to see me too. Over the past few years, I have felt incredibly blessed.

There are a few dates that will forever be special to me...August 13, 2008 will always be one of those. I so clearly remember sitting in the temple and my mom coming in with Callie all dressed in white. She looked gorgeous. She just glowed. And I felt so honored to have been chosen to be her mom. We have a bond that is strong, and each day, as we dance together in the kitchen, draw pictures, go on walks and go running, sing songs, read books, and just talk (and believe me, she talks and talks and talks!), that bond grows stronger. She is my daughter and I love her more than I can express. She's one cool chick and I love being around her. And I'm pretty happy to report that I think she thinks I'm pretty cool too.

I recently wrote a post and then took it down. Some of you Google Reader readers saw it still, though. Someone left a cutting comment stating that they felt sorry for my children because I sheltered them from the world...seeing that I don't allow Caillou anymore in our home. Well, I've thought a lot about this. And I've decided to say this one thing: No one should ever feel sorry for my children. I mean, you're all entitled to feel what you want, but for goodness sake's, don't waste your time -- I may not be a perfect mom, but I'm good enough in their eyes. It seems like their pretty happy little girls. And we're all pretty happy to be stuck together forever.


Nicole said...

I certainly don't feel sorry for your children. They are both beautiful, and I know that they are loved, which is the most important thing for children to be. Keep it up.

Heather said...

Hapy Sealing day! Yes I think your children are lucky to have you and Marcus. I can tell that you care a lot about them and want the best. I got to read your post and I thought it was funny :) Callie seems like such a sweat heart and it is cool to see how strong a bond can be between you.

Emily said...

Sorry for your children? Baloney-roney!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Scott and Valary Smith said...

I feel sorry for the children that are exposed to everything dumb from the television and the world. I ban things periodically from my house simply because I get tired of them. I would think that getting rid of Calliou for a while would be encouraging your kids to explore other parts of the world.

Erin Ames said...

Both of your girls are so cute! And for the record you're one of the most thoughtful moms that I know. I was wondering where that post went. :) I hope that what was said wasn't taken to heart....because your children are so very lucky...and I'm guessing they'll always know that.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Seriously? How could anyone feel sorry for your beautiful girls? All they have to do is look at those happy, smiling faces and knoiw that they have it made!

Happy Sealing Day to you all. Yum, cake! :)

Courtney said...

Happy sealing day! You guys have seriously one of the best families around. Your girls are so lucky to have you.


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