Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hunger Games -- by Suzanne Collins

I'm not sure I can add much more to this than what has already been said. A lot of people have been reading and loving this, so I thought I'd just go on ahead and read. I did like it. In fact, I really liked it. At first, the story seemed so unoriginal that I thought I had read it before. I'm not trying to be critical here, because remember, I like the book. It had a very gladiator feel to it -- something I couldn't quite place until I talked with my mother-in-law. Fight to the death. It's a game for others to watch. It also reminded me of Shirley Jackson's short story "The Lottery." (Just as horrible but fascinating. I love that short story and used to teach it.) It is actually so similar I wonder if it sparked this story for the author. Truly, the first few chapters I kept thinking, "Have I read this before?" However, the characters were unique and the writing moved along so easily and perfectly that I just kept reading and reading. I became quite invested in Rue and, I admit, shed a tear. Quite a moving scene is played out during the games.

But there was a point that I got a little annoyed with Katniss. I'm not sure if it's young adult literature that's starting to get to me...but it's the concept of the extremely naive girl. "Does he like me? Really? I had no clue." hmmm She's not as bad as Bella in Twilight, but Twilight just may have ruined me for a bit on the naive girl thing. The story itself is a bit disturbing...but very compelling and I feel the need to know what happens next. Catching Fire may have to wait until I finish my current book, but it will get read indeed.


Vanessa Swenson said...

I just barely finished the audiobook on Saturday. I have the audiobook for Chasing Fire, but I'm not totally convinced that I can dive into it just yet.
I kept thinking, how is this young adult literature?

Emily said...

You will have to make your own call (if you decide it's worth your time), but I thought the series got progressively worse. I almost didn't finish the 3rd one. No redemption. No hope. THBBPPPPTTT! Is she a better writer than me? You betcha. Will her writing inspire people to forsake violence? No way Jose.

Nola said...

I am reading through these books quickly so I can go to a Book Club on Saturday. I agree about the naive girl. It is totally starting to bug me. I read the Uglies books which have a similar theme (like Big Brother watching) and I liked that the girl in that serious seemed to get over herself and make a change (from what I can remember).


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