Friday, September 10, 2010

Why It's Good to Have a Working Man....Prt 1

Tonight when Marcus came home, we ate dinner together. I didn't have a horrible day, but I still needed a break. So, after we ate, I told him I needed to go to the gym. Before I left, he was on the ground, wrestling with the girls and I could hear Samantha's giggles and Callie's screams of delight.

It's good to have a working man who is just working 9-5...well, in our case who is workin' 9am-8:30pm on Mondays, 9am-6:30pm Tuesday - Thursdays... and has nothing to think about when he gets home than being with his family. No more stress of job searching. Just being present with the kids while Mommy takes a break. Nice.

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Nola said...

I totally agree with that! My life has changed so much now that Tyler has a job and is super happy with it. He is still working on a Masters online, but I hardly notice because he plays with us every night until the kids go to bed.


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