Thursday, August 11, 2011

Santa Cruz

Who doesn't love the beach?  Well, Samantha.  Buuuuut....oh well.  While Bryan and Chris were in town we took the time to head to Santa Cruz.  And, for most, it was fun.

Callie elegantly eating at the Crow's Nest.

I can't get over how old Sammy looks in this picture.

Analisa, Chris, Bryan, and Peggy all hestitantly posed for this picture.  Yes, I'm just like my dad back when we were kids.  "Come on, let's take a picture."
"Do we have to?"
Can't you see the joy in all their faces?

Callie was excited to be with Bryan chasing waves.

And Sammy was content standing with Analisa.  It was a bit windy and she was a tad cold.

I think this was the happiest she was all day while at the beach...wearing Analisa's shirt, bundled in 2 towels, and up close against me.

Yes.  We still have sand stuck in her suit.

Running from the water.  Isn't childhood fantastic?!

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