Sunday, March 3, 2013

Equal to Christmas Eve

Tonight I learned that losing a tooth and anticipating the Tooth Fairy is equally exciting as Christmas least in Callie's eyes.

Callie has had 2 loose teeth for awhile now.  But, interestingly enough, 2 adult teeth have already come in. She looked a little like this:

Shark teeth, up close.  Notice the rows of teeth.  Yikes.  Avoid being bit by one of these.

Ok.  Maybe she didn't quite look like this, but you get the concept, right?  She had 2 adult teeth just behind her baby teeth.  When Marcus and I saw this, we were a bit concerned, but we ... with smiles and excitement ... told her how cool it was that she had her adult teeth (then I quickly made a dentist appointment).  Callie has been so proud of her teeth.  She feels like such a big girl.  And luckily the dentist wasn't worried.  Apparently it's fairly normal and since her baby teeth were loose, it looked like he wouldn't need to pull them.

She's been dutifully wiggling her teeth to no avail.  There just hasn't been much progress.

And then, there was tonight.

I came in to see how her teeth brushing was coming and noticed she wasn't brushing.  In fact, she looked a little shocked.  Impatiently I told her she needed to finish up and she said, "Oh my gosh!  Mommy!  I just lost my tooth!"  I have never seen such delight on her face...aside from Christmas morning.  She was so excited.  So proud.  So giddy.  I loved every moment of it.

March 1.  First visit from the Tooth Fairy for Callie.  I'm giddy for her!

(Pictures forthcoming)

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Lant Family said...

That is so exciting! How fun it just came out while brushing :)


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