Friday, September 27, 2013

Instant Length

There's a misconception out there.  Just because a mom doesn't know HOW to do her daughter's hair, doesn't mean she doesn't WANT to know how.  

While I was in Utah this past summer with the kids for Sammy's therapy, Callie took swim lessons again.  There I met another mom who had adopted a few sweet little african american girls.  (When I say "a few" I mean 6.  She has 12 kids total!  She's an angel with a beautiful family.)  I noticed her girls hair and asked if she did their hair.  She did. And it looked great.  I wanted to come over and have her teach me a few things, but it just never happened.  But, she did tell me how she did it.  




I've twisted Callie's hair before, taught to me by a new friend Stacy, and it worked.  But I didn't do it often.  It didn't look like how I wanted it to.  But these girls...their hair was full and it looked great.  "These are yarn twists."  My eyes were opened and a new world lay before me!

When we got home, I tried it out.  Yarn twists, or yarn extensions, were fairly simple, but time consuming.  Taking pieces/chunks of hair, you twist it into the yarn.  It actually helps protect the hair, if done correctly and taken care of, by trapping in the moisture.  My first time was ok.  They lasted 3 weeks and Callie loved it.  Instant length.  Instant flipping of your hair.  Instant 2 years older!  (holy cow...she was no longer my baby girl)  Instant gratification, served.  But I knew I wanted it better and next time it would be. 

Callie wanted to have it done for her school pictures.  I was nervous about that.  Could I really make it look good enough for pictures?  I tried.  I took a break 1/2 way through while Micah was awake.  We resumed when he went down for a nap.  This time, she wanted it longer...and longer she got.  

This time, I wanted it a lot fuller, so I used smaller sections of hair.  It took a long time, but it turned out really well I think.  She loves it, and that makes me happy.  I was better at getting the yarn anchored down at her scalp, so hopefully it'll last a month and not just a few weeks.

 For 6 hours, this was Callie's position!  Watch movies, eat snacks.  It was a long day.  But worth it as I haven't had to "do" her hair for the past 2 weeks.  I moisturize it and have varied the style, but it's easy...pig tails, braid, ponytail, down, half up...whatever.  Easy.

I trimmed the extension twists so it's not really this long.  I thought I had a picture, but I don't.  It goes down to about her elbows.

There are so many different things I want to learn and try on her hair.  If she remains patient with me, I just may be able to learn more.  It's important to me that I can do her hair, that we can sit together and make these memories.  I want her to one day sit and do her little girl's hair and think of the hours we did it together.  I want it to be a good memory.  So far, I may be developing nightmares for her...but I'm pretty confident with consistency, it'll change.  I hope so at least!

But it's all because I so desperately love this little girl.  My little gem.


Rikke Østfeldt-Witt said...

Loooove the hair. Good job :-)


Heidi said...

This. Is. Gorgeous.

I'm so impressed!


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