Monday, September 30, 2013

National Microcephaly Awareness Day

Today is National Microcephaly Awareness Day.

What does that mean to me?

It means that a little over 7 years ago I was blessed with an amazing little girl who would face many challenges.  Words like diagnosis and prognosis became a part of my nearly daily vocabulary as I wondered about these things myself, but also as I answered people's questions.

This day means that I have a daughter, my sweet dear Samantha, who has a head smaller than average...much smaller than average...but whose rosy smile and bright blue eyes take up her entire face!  What a blessing.  What a gift.  It means that people can see angels, miracles, and a glimpse of eternity through those eyes and smile.

It means I have a daughter who does not speak, which can be difficult.  But because of her lack of words, she also isn't limited by words.  I have a daughter who can speak directly to people's hearts.  Words don't get in the way of her communication.  And her message is simple.  She teaches sermons about love, compassion, patience, a loving Father in Heaven and a truly empathetic Savior who has experienced it all on her behalf -- on all our behalves.  She teaches about faith, hope, family, and reminds us that life isn't as complicated as it sometimes can seem.  It's all pretty simple when you cut the fat.

This day to me means Samantha.  Today, many people who love someone with microcephaly are wearing yellow.  I love that.  Today, I'm wearing Samantha.

On my arms when I hug her,
On my hip when I carry her,
In my hands when I brush her hair to the side,
On my legs and feet when I watch her struggle with each step and think about how easy it is for me to even stand,
In my heart...because she's my baby girl and will always be my baby girl.

She motivates me to be better.
She inspires me to try harder.
She is my constant reminder of where I want to be...and she's helping me get there.


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mj said...

Oh how I love this. And you. And Sammy.


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