Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mr. Trouble

Micah is a delightful little boy.  But sometimes, he's just plain trouble (in the cutest most possible way!).

This morning, as I rushed to get Sammy and Callie ready for school, Micah roamed around.  Fantastic.  I love that he is blessed with an able body that gets him around.  That miracle isn't lost on me...something I don't take for granted.  BUT.  He's still a little rascal.

So, back to this he is, quietly moving about.  I notice he got into one of our lower cupboards, which is normally locked, and he has a pudding packet.  He was innocently shaking it and hearing the dry ingredients brush against the package.  Deciding it was safe for him to "play" with the pudding (why would I think that?), I continued to get Sammy's braces on.  Next thing I know, there is pudding all over the floor and on his face.  Really?  Yep, he bit into it and ripped a hole out of the package and it just poured out.

The picture barely shows what it looked like in person.  I couldn't get him to stand still.  I realize that sugar puts him into high gear pretty quickly!

1 point for childhood

Look at those chocolate outlined lips!
I love it!

Wahoo.  Chocolate at 7am.  Party!

"Oh wait Mommy, no party?  Why do you look so serious?"

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