Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014 Stage 2

Halloween isn't complete without the school parties and parades.  This year, just like last, Callie refused to smile for me. Later she told me that she didn't want others to see her smile...she just wanted  me to see. hmm  I eventually did get her to smile. 

Makeda, Tiara, Callie, Claire, Mattea, Maddy
 Callie didn't have school on Friday, Halloween, so all their festivities were held on Thursday. It was kid of a great way to start off the Halloween weekend for the kids. And honestly for me too. It allowed for a small extension of fun.

 This was the best one. The line had spread out a little in the parade and there weren't too many parents around, so she smiled. Callie is so funny. I'm not sure why she didn't want others to see she was happy. Is she already too cool? Oh brother. But I love her to pieces. She decided to not wear her wig to school, which I thought was actually smart. It's kind of heavy and can get it the way if she had to focus on school. She was still one the prettiest Elsa's of Halloween -- I'm not biased at all.

 Callie came home with some vampire teeth from class. She was a vampire Elsa, and loved it.

 Sammy's school had their party during the rain...on Halloween. Last minute the parade had to be brought indoors and it got a little complicated. It was hard to get a good of her.

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