Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jane and Austen by Stephanie Fowers

I thought this was a really cute romantic comedy. Each of the characters were a little over the top, but it felt intentional. Jane...ultra-romantic. Austen...ultra-practical. I see more eye to eye with Austen, so Jane seemed so ridiculous to me at times. But it never bothered me. She played her part well. Or rather, the author wrote Jane well. I liked it. I looked forward to going to bed each night so I could keep reading. There are obvious comparisons to all of Jane Austen's work, which adds another element to fans of her writing. But for those who don't know her work too well, or at all, it's still easy to follow along. It's hectic and crazy and really fun. I do wish there was more detail that explained feelings Jane and Austen had in the beginning. I'm so curious. I wanted more of a sit-down-and-hash-it-out session where it was all figured out. When did Austen "change" his mind? I want to hear it all!

Super fun, light read. Perfect timing for me.

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