Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mr. Bare Bum

Lately Micah has been taking his pants off, and his diaper, all. the. time. I can't seem to keep clothes on him. The other day was, in particular, quite difficult. I was working on some things and the next thing I knew, Mr. Bare Bum was jumping on the trampoline! Callie thought it was hysterical. And I admit, I was laughing pretty hard along with her. He thought he was hilarious and it was kind of difficult to get him down. But we did. And he actually kept his clothes, and diaper, on the rest of the day. Ya know, I've always thought diapers would be uncomfortable. I guess we all have our way of letting loose and relaxing. Micah's just happens to be going nude...on the trampoline. It could be worse.

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