Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Splendor

4th of July , 2015

It was a hit.

Callie woke up sick, so while the family went to Chuck and Holly's to go swimming, Callie and I stayed home. But that's no fun. So we went to the movie to see Inside Out.  I thought being in a cool air-conditioned movie theater would be better than feeling sad at home while others swim. It was fun.

 We had some time before the movie started, so we got some lunch. Callie insisted on Hot Dog on a Stick (gross) and then didn't eat it. She did, however, stick her hands in the ketchup instead of reaching for fries. And she laughed about it quite a bit. It was pretty funny.

She was disappointed not be be able to go swimming with her cousins, but going to the movies was pretty thrilling as well. We don't do that often, so it was kind of fun to have a surprise movie date. 

Sammy was pretty happy. We didn't go anywhere to watch any big fireworks shows, but we did spend the evening with sparklers and watching fireworks from a distance in our backyard. The kids had so much fun.


 Here Callie is being the Statue of Liberty.

 And Micah was pretty thrilled to have a flag.

 I know they don't seem totally into it, but they were really excited to play with the sparklers and watch the fireworks.

 "C" for Callie

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