Friday, July 3, 2015

Disney World 2015: Are We There Yet?

We recently had the awesome opportunity to go to Disney World in Florida! It was pretty incredible. But with any vacation, you have to get there first. And with our crew, it seems like that whole getting there part doesn't always seem to go so smoothly. However, this trip...well, it gave me hope for our little ones.

Our flight left at 5am from San Francisco. That meant that we had to wake up and leave extremely early so that could make the flight. The kids went to bed early, and we tried to as well, but waking up at 2:30am, no matter how much sleep you get the night before, is brutal. And try getting your kids to sleep when they know they're going on a plane so they can get to Disney World. 

The first leg went well. Micah was unsure about the whole plane business, but he did well sitting next to Daddy and Callie.

Sammy was pretty tired, but she did well. We only had a short layover before we were getting on the plane again...headed to Orlando.

On this flight, we were the last row on the plane. This actually wasn't so bad, other than the fact that it was so so loud! Micah was fine as long as he was holding my hand. Take off was a bit scary and required both me and Callie to hold his hand...tightly.

Once we were airborne though, he was fine. Obviously.

It was a long journey and we were all so tired. But Disney is so awesome. All we had to do was get off the plane and then get on the bus to our resort. Disney picks up your bags so we didn't even have to worry about it. We drove to the hotel and that's where we met up with my parents.

It was all day of traveling, but worth it. We were so excited to begin our Monday morning

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