Monday, July 6, 2015

Disney's Hollywood Studios (Monday)

Monday morning finally came and we were ready to hit Hollywood Studios. We had a Fast Passes and meals ready and we were ready to run wild. Then we walked out the hotel door and instead of us hitting the road, we were hit with some hard cord heat and humidity. But on that first day, it didn't slow us down...or maybe it did. 

Water never tasted so good. I drank so much water while in Disney that week and yet, I was still majorly dehydrated! That first day we ate at Mama Melrose's. It was good, but it was rough. Sammy was so tired and just was not happy. My sister, Lisa, finished her meal and took Sammy outside to different things to look at. That seemed to cheer her up quite a bit.

I love my family. I do. And I would love them no matter what. But you know what makes me love them even more? No, what makes me kind of worship them? Is when they see a need and step in. Lisa is so good at that. Her kids are older and fairly independent now. But she has always swooped in to help whenever she could. She spent so much time with Sammy on this trip and because of it, she made the trip more fun for us. Does that sound horrible? I assure you, it's not. I would have loved to spend every single minute with happy Sammy. But happy Sammy wasn't always present, so when Lisa stepped in, she was able to help Sammy feel better while we attended to other matters. I love that sister of mine.

Watching the Indiana Jones show was cool. I had seen it before but it was a first for Marcus and the kids. We got split up from the rest of the family, so it was pretty cool when my brother got called to be one of the volunteers for the show!

Sammy was mildly impressed with the show. I think she was just happier to be out of the heat.

Hollywood Studios is fun, but it's geared more towards older kids and adults. But it was still fun. The first thing we did when we got there was ride Rock n' Roller Aerosmith rollercoaster ride. And Callie loved it. LOVED it. If you ask her what her favorite ride is, this will be among the top. It's fast. It's loud. And it's upside-down-tons-of-fun-twisty-and-twirly craziness. She screamed just before we took off, because she thought we were going, then sheepishly laughed. I had so much fun riding rides with her the entire week! She's like I was when I was little. I loved the anticipation of scary rides, and the thrill of the ride during it...even if it scared the wits out of me. Afterward, even if she screamed the entire time, she'd say, "That was fun. Let's do it again!"

On the way home, we went through the Great Movie Ride, which was kind of like It's a Small World movie style. You just ride on this cart taking you through...different movies. There was a gun shootout at one point and Micah was not having it. He told Marcus, "I want my mom," and climbed over him to get to me.

What?! I don't care how hot anyone is, we're stopping to take a picture here....were basically Marcus' thoughts at this point.

At this point, we were all so wasted from the heat and just wanted to get back to go swimming. Can you see the excitement on my face? Yeah. It's not there. I was having fun, don't get me wrong. But we were hot and tired from no sleep the day before when we traveled.

The problem was, all of a sudden, we got a 2nd wind and probably could have stayed a lot longer. It was that time of day when people were leaving because of the heat, it was beginning to cool down though, and we were feeling good.

But then this sweet little face reminded us not to overdo it on the first day, and we went back to the hotel.

After the kids sat on an ant, that is.

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