Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jump n' Party

It was so great having my parents here. Unfortunately, my mom was sick for a portion of it. One of the days she was sick, we went to a nearby "gym" called Jump n' Party. The girls loved it! Callie was leary at first, but soon fell in love with all the inflatable toys!

Sammy figuring out how to drink out of the fountain.

Callie and Grandpa -- who she calls "gpa", or "papa", depending on the urgency of the need for grandpa.

Calling climbing up the inflatable ladder and just about to go down the slide. She kept doing this over and over and over again once she figured it out.

Just hanging out together.

Oh the excitement.

Sammy and Daddy going down the big slide.

This place was so much fun. I wish that while the Greens were in town we'd be able to go, but they're just here over the weekend and open jump is during the week. Oh well. This place is great. You pay only for the kids but you get to do everything with them. There was an obstacle course we went through. I was with Callie and Marcus with Sammy. Callie was clinging on for dear life. She was just a little too nervous about the whole thing. With Sammy in hand, Marcus went over a large inflatable tube. He fell over and Sammy went with him. She thought that was just the funniest thing she'd ever seen, or experienced I suppose. She was laughing and laughing. Pure joy for all of us.


yellow buttercups said...

Oh that looks and sounds like it was SO much fun!!! What an adventure. Good for you:)

Rob and Marseille said...

how fun! I love Callie's pony-tails too. Oh, and Christopher still talks about how Callie's belly button poked out.


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