Friday, April 24, 2009

Wheat Tortillas

As per requested, here are my tortillas.

3 cups wheat flour
3 cups white flour
1 cup hot water
1 t. salt
1 T. oil

Stir together with hands to create dough. Take a small amount, roll into a ball. Then roll out with rolling pin on a floured surface. Roll out to desired thickness. Cook on hot skillet (no oil needed). When tortilla begins to bubble, flip over to other side. Cook an additional 30 seconds or so.

There's no exact science to this, but this is what I've figured out. -- If you use all wheat flour, it doesn't roll out as well. It's too tough. I've made them before without the oil. They're also good, but they don't roll out as well, and they aren't as soft when they are cooked. But, I frequently make tortillas without fat. This makes a large batch, but I just put them in a ziploc bag and eat them throughout the week. If you leave them on the countertop, they will mold more quickly. Try putting them in the fridge. These really don't take too long to make, especially once you've done it a few times. When one is cooking, you just roll out the next one. It goes pretty quickly. I also haven't perfected the perfect round tortilla, but I think that just adds to the homemade feel. It's all good.

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yellow buttercups said...

thanks, Jenny this sounds delish!


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