Sunday, May 17, 2009

My New Nickname

We have some good friends here who love us so much they have shared this special weekend with us. We've spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together eating, laughing, and playing Rock Band. See, Greg and Julie are pretty fun people. We like them a lot. And I'm pretty sure, most of the time, they like us too. They have some really close friends who moved out before we got here. We had heard about them -- all fabulous things of course -- and this weekend, the Cleggs came to visit. We finally got to meet them, and they are really fun. We've just had a great almost makes me wish we were here a year ago so we could have all hung out all the time. But, since that was not the case, we've been cramming in as much time as we can in one weekend.:)

Last night, Julie told me that Greg and Rob have a game they wanted us to play. It was their idea, and they really wanted us to play. The game? Eat the jelly belly and name what flavor it is. Immediately I knew where this was going. There was going to be some disgusting flavors in there, and we'd have to eat them. First round was fine. Second was fine. But then the game took a turn. And it wasn't pretty. Time after time, I got the most horrible flavors....pencil shavings, baby wipes, black pepper, vomit, and rotten egg. I felt like we were playing some kind of Mormon drinking game...but with Jelly Bellies of course. I had to keep going. I couldn't back down. I have my pride and I had to represent the Green name. Each time it was my turn, though, it got worse. It got to the point where I'd be nervous, get the little butterflies in my stomach, before I put the jelly bean in my mouth. Yuk! When I got to the rotten egg, that was it. I was done. The horrific rottenness consumed my mouth. Later that night, when we got home, I wasn't feeling all that well, and I blame the Jelly Belly! Was this a way for our "friends" to get rid of us? Oh did they laugh and laugh and laugh each time I crinkled my nose and made a face of utter distaste.

Today, while we were all together, Greg told me I was up for Rock Band. But, he didn't address me as Jenny...rather, he said, "Jelly Bean, you're up." Yes. We are all friends afterall. I have a nickname and that means true bond of friendship. And then they suggested we play the game again, but with the video camera so they can catch my expressions eating jelly bean after jelly bean. hmmm I still think we're friends.

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rachel said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend with friends! You are awesome Jenny :)


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