Monday, May 11, 2009

Why I Love Being Their Mom

Mother's Day was great. Marcus made me breakfast and dinner...very nice. And I got to spend the day with Marcus, Sammy, and Callie. It was nice. Oh, and, I mean Samantha and me some Bill Cosby cds to listen to in the car. How fun!

As I thought about Mother's Day, of course I thought about my mom. She has always been such a good example to me of what a mother should be. She has always been my biggest cheerleader and has always been there for me. When I was in elementary school, there was one day when she was supposed to pick me up after an activity. She was never late. And I was waiting around for awhile. I decided just to walk home. After all, I walked to school, so it wasn't like it was that far. When I got home, my mom wasn't there. I was locked out. So, I waited outside. About 15 minutes later, my mom came rushing down the street, pulled in the driveway, and upon seeing me, flew out of the car and proceeded to yell at me. She told me how she was so worried about me and that I should never leave, even if she was late. Perhaps this isn't the most beautiful picture of my mom...yelling at me...but I didn't feel reprimanded as much as I felt loved. I had never heard so much concern in her voice before. For all she knew, I had been kidnapped or hit by a car, or something horrible. That memory is quite special to me.

And that's a special something when you care that much about someone else...when you care so much that it makes you sick. Samantha made me a mom. I have had experiences when I have poured my heart out in prayer for people. There have been times when I cried for someone else. But Samantha, she's surely something special. My life changed the moment she was born. I have never felt so sick in worry before, and strangely not want to be anywhere else, or worry about anything else. I'd rather wrap my arms around this little bundle of uncertainty than to ever have her replaced by anyone else. I love being her mom.

And Callie is just a pure delight. Everyday she does the funniest things that helps me forget about some of my worries or problems. All I have to do is put on some music and she's off, doing her little boogie moves. She loves life and reminds me of the things I need to be focusing on. She more fully completes our family. I cna't imagine our lives without her. She's a loving little sister who shows increasing amounts of sympathy towards Samantha. I love being her mom.

The other day, the girls were playing and I was cleaning up. All of a sudden it got quiet. I went into our bedroom where both Sammy and Callie were sitting in our closet. I watched as Callie kept giving Samantha kisses. It really was one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed!

And though Callie just started throwing a rather loud tantrum, I still feel extremely blessed to be their mom.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

Awwww, so sweet! And so beautifully written!


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