Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water Therapy

So, here we are again....talkin' about water therapy. But really, I just love watching Sammy in the pool. She loves it! Marcus has never been able to go, so a few weeks ago I took some video for him to watch.

In this first video, Sammy is starting to kick her legs instead of kicking them together like a frog would, she is beginning to kick alternating the legs. This is big progress and we're really excited about that!


Working on balance and stepping up and down. You can't really tell here, but Sammy has a weight wrapped around her waist (under the skirt of her bathingsuit). When weight is put around her tummy, she has to compensate with her back muscles. This has strengthened her whole trunk area and as a result she stands and walks straighter.


When Sammy works on this pink floater thing, it's normally another way to work on her balance and core/trunk strength. Sometimes though, she roams off, and Leanne lets her do that. Because of it, she has learned some water safety. For example, she'll really start to hold on tight because she knows if she lets go, she'll go under. The other day, she let go, started to go under, but started to kick her legs to tread water so she wouldn't go under. We were so shocked. Of course she didn't know she was treading water, but she did make the connection that if she wants to stay up, she's going to have to do something for it. She's really learned a lot in water therapy and I'm so so so glad we're doing it.


After a long workout, there's nothing Sammy loves better than to get rinsed off. Good work Sammy Samkins!



maryirene said...

what an amazing hard working little girl! water therapy looks absolutely wonderful. i am so happy she has that great opportunity! you are such great parents. i admire you all in so many ways.

sagebrushandbuttercups said...

It is so cool to be able to see Sammy having such a fun time with water therapy! I am glad to know what the different water exercises do for her too, it's really interesting. I'm happy she enjoys it so much. Water is wonderful. I love it. :)

Rose and Daniel said...

Sammy is so cute! Looks like she's making great progress. Way to go Sammy!

Mike and Kris said...

She looks so cute in her swim suit!! I'm so glad that it is working for her!! Your family is so amazing!!

Rob and Marseille said...

Christopher loved watching the videos and wants to go swimming now.

Ashley DeMille said...

Wow that is so amazing! LIttle Sammy looks like a little doll in her swim suit. I wish I could see you guys!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Loved them all! So fun to see her enjoying life as a little girl the way she should be! Is one of these the video that Marcus put up on Facebook that has been removed?

Laura said...

That is amazing! It sounds like Sammy is doing so well and growing so much! And she's so cute too!!!


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