Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Child's Prayer

Not my own child...but a prayer dedicated to my child.

A Prayer Over Dinner

Jayden: Heavenly Father, please bless Callie and her Mom to be nice. Please bless Callie to be nice. And please bless Callie to be nice. Amen.

Amanda, Jayden's mother, thought this was quite funny and called us after the prayer was said. My immediate thought was that Callie had not been so nice to this little boy in nursery. She's been known, afterall, to yell "NO" at approaching children as she protects her toy. She has also been known to hit Samantha with a sippy cup. Who knows what happened in nursery on Sunday! But when asked by his mommy what was wrong and why he prayed for Callie to be nice, he said, "Nothing, Callie's my friend." What a relief. My kid isn't the bully.

Hey Jayden, go ahead, keep praying for your friend Callie. It's appreciated.


Stephanie said...

That is extremely funny to me. ;)

Rob and Marseille said...

cute! Sounds like you should get them together for a play date.


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