Thursday, July 9, 2009

God's Creations Right Here in My Home

Callie is quite the people pleaser. I can't go anywhere without her drawing attention to herself. It's hard enough getting two kids to go anywhere quickly, but with Callie, this really is no easy task. Getting out the door is fine, but once we enter the large world of people, she goes crazy. She smiles so big and is constantly waving to people saying "Hi" or "bye" or blowing kisses to them. People love it. And if someone has a baby or puppy with them, it's over. She wants to meet them, and you know these other people are thrilled to do so. They love that this little child takes delight in them and their children or puppies. It really is quite adorable.

Today there was an elderly couple sitting outside of our doctor's office. As we came through the door, they stopped their conversation, saw Callie, and did the grandparent laugh -- ya know, the look-at-that-cute-little-kid laugh. Of course Callie stopped and waved to them giving them a big toothy smile and a little giggle. Oh did these two melt in their wheelchairs! Callie blew them a kiss and we walked away. Behind me, the man said, "There goes one of God's creations right there." I thought about that for a long time. That's not an everyday thought I have. Rather, I think, "Let's go." "Callie, share." "Sammy, can you stop crying just for a sec?" But that man was right. I have two of God's best creations right here in my own home. Lucky me.


Tabatabaei family said...

That's a very sweet post. I hope all is well! Sounds like things are busy and happy. The girls are darling.

Nathan and Rebecca Scott said...

That is funny that Callie likes people so much. Callie has grown so much since we last saw you guys!

maryirene said...

what a beautiful thing for them to say. it's a wonderful way of looking at it, and it's true! you really do.
being a mother is amazing isn't it.


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