Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sugar...ah Honey Honey

I'm like a little personal challenge from time to time. I like to push myself, see how far I can go. Lest I be confused as a motivated person, let me reiterate "from time to time." Because really, I'm not too big on the idea of failure either. This time last year, I signed up for the Provo River 1/2 Marathon. I prepared for a month (though I had been running for a few months previous), and off I went. I did it. Wahoo! I proved to myself I could do it.

Today, I felt that urge again to challenge myself. The past couple days we've had candy around the apartment. I have gone crazy. CRAZY I tell you! I have no self control. Really. I just don't. Part of it is because I don't want to have self-control when it comes to pure sweetness. It hasn't been that important to me. But today, as I was thinking about the past 3 days, I realized that this is something I want to try: the dreaded sugar fast. "No Jenny," you say. "Think before you act!" But, I've been thinking, and the more I think, the more I feel like this would really be a test of my self-control. It would challenge me. And it would help with the whole self-mastery thing that people talk about.

I'm thinking of starting off small. For one month, I'd eat no dessert, no candy, no juice, no yummy animal crackers. Natural sugars are ok only if they are from the actual fruit. Somehow I'm thinking this won't be too bad for a month. Will it? I've been watching my calories lately, but not my sugar intake. This may be harder than I thought. hmmm I need support or encouragement from those who have done it. One month, 4 weeks, not bad right? Can I do this?


Stephanie said...

In high school one time, I did a 3-month sugar fast. The hard part about it was it had to be a consecutive 3-month fast, which meant that if I goofed up, the 3-months started over again (messing up and having to restart kept me motivated the second try). In the end, I rewarded myself with a certain sum of money. I know, rewarding myself with money I already owned, but it kept me going. I still remember the day I went off my fast and had one of those sugary, fatty Costco muffins to celebrate. I thought I was going to be sick! So I guess you can kick the sweet tooth. And if anything, I felt victorious that I had learned to control myself. Good luck on your goal!

Anonymous said...

I've done month-long sugar fasts a whopping twice. They were SO good for me. The first time was HARD...I totally ate crackers and fruit and chewed gum because I craved sugar so much. Then suddenly at about 3.5 weeks, I was okay! I'd learned control! Years later when I did it again (while in England--the starch/desserts/cream etc was getting out of control and I made myself go off of it altogether), it was MUCH easier. It really was cool to discover that I could do it, and both times when I did allow myself sugar again, I ate so much less of it again (until, as I just explained, my tolerance seems to increase and it gradually gets out of control again) ;)

But then, I have sisters who have been utterly miserable without sugar--one sister went off for several months and was cranky the whole time and finally decided that maybe she really does need at least some sugar in her diet.

But for me, it was a good thing to do!

Anonymous said...

(Oh, and I lost weight both times I went off sugar--a nice bonus!)

Anonymous said...

(not that _you_ need to lose any weight!)

Gordon and Robyn said...

I have given up ALL candy (except chewing gum but including bubble gum) twice. Once for over a year and half and once for some length past a year but I can't remember exactly how long. I have given up all desserts- cakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies... basically anything that made life worth living- for 4o days (for Lent, of course). But I have NEVER done it all at the same time. Good luck! You can do it! I'm thinking that the first month with actually suck the worst but then you'll get more used to it. That's my thoughts. Again, good luck. You are an inspiration!

Caleb and Jessica Sainsbury said...

Jenny, I think that regardless of whether or not anyone else has done it, I KNOW that you can do it! You are so motivated and capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to.
One thing that helps me when I try to avoid sweets is to reward myself with other good food like good cheese or yummy bread, berries, etc.
Good luck! You can do it!


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