Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Was The Last Time...

you cried because you were so tired? Because I did this morning. I'm so so so tired. And I'm so happy that it's overcast so I don't have to deal with extreme heat on top of it. It seems like no matter how hard I try to get more sleep, I can't do it. For 2 nights in a row I've gone to bed at 9:45pm. It's not super early, but I think that's making a really good effort. Both nights, I have not been able to sleep. Samantha isn't sleeping. I don't know what the problem is, but at 1am she woke up and was yelling. So, at 1:45am I went in and decided she needed Benadryl. I know, perhaps this isn't a good-mother thing to do, but if it makes anyone feel better, it didn't work! So, she was up all night. I sure I drifted off last night, but then again at 6am she was yelling. I went in to see if she would fall back to sleep, because sometimes she will if I hold her. Nope. Not happening. She just decided to be really fussy. I took a shower while Sammy slept on the couch, and cried. When Marcus woke up and got ready, I asked when he wanted to go to work. I had 20 minutes to lay down, and I did. He went to work later than he planned so I could get 45 minutes. Thank you Marcus!

But really. I'm so tired. I'm functional right now at least. Last week was really busy and I didn't get much sleep. There was a night the week before when I got 4 hours of sleep. That was a rough one. And this lack of sleep has built up and I don't know what more to do, aside from going to bed when the kids do. And, I don't want to do that. And Sammy is just complaining and I'm just not feeling all that compassionate right now. Grrrr!

Yeah, this is the girl who never EVER sleeps or takes a nap. She's conked out on the floor. Apparently she fell asleep for 10 minutes while I was sleeping this morning and Marcus took a picture. At least she got a little sleep. But it's still going to be a very rough day. And I have a feeling that physical therapy won't be so fun today.


Heather said...

i feel sorry for you! that sound so rough! hopefully you guy can get some sleep soon

The Nelsons said...

it is SO hard to be a compassionate parent when you're tired! wish i could take your kids for you so you could take a nap. hope you get some sleep tonight!

yellow buttercups said...

I think the kind of exhaustion you describe is the hardest part of mothering. Would it be possible for you and Marcus to alternate nights with Sammy so you can make it to the weekend or if Sammy is okay, just fussy could YOU take the Benadryl so you can sleep through better? Once the kids are fed and safe and dry, I am all about survival of the parents!
Love you and so sorry you guys are sleepless.

rachel said...

Oh Jenny, I hope this week has been better. Lots of love!


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