Friday, November 5, 2010


Before Samantha was born, I looked for a carseat and stroller.  This caused me such stress.  I wanted to get the perfect ones.  I didn't want to have buyer's remorse over something that I would be using everyday.  I hated that feeling.  I ended up buying what it was I bought, and I was happy with it.  No big deal. 

I have that feeling again and it's making me sick.  I'm getting ready to buy a camera.  A good one.  In the past, I've asked around.  I've asked what people like.  I've gone back and forth.  I decided: I'm just going with the Canon Rebel because I can get more for the $.  But, as I searched today, I couldn't keep from looking at Nikons again.  Truth is, I don't know what I should want in a camera.  I'm uneducated in the way of the camera, and it's so frustrating.  Whatever I read, I don't understand.  And I'm looking to purchase this camera in the next few weeks.  I want this camera Christmas morning.

Picking out a camera is more stressful than picking out my stroller.  This is liking finding the right guy.  I'm finding a hard time committing to a decision here.  Rebel?  Ok.  But there are many different Rebels.  Nikon?  Ok.  I know I like Nikons.  And I found one that was a good price....but should I go with the Rebel instead?

What is the most important feature of a camera that I should be looking at?  Do I want video?  Will I regret not getting a camera with video on it?  Down the road, will an extra $100-200 make a difference?  Is it really ok to get a used or refurbished camera?  Will I get an ulcer trying to decide all of this?  And when it comes down to it, won't I just, most likely because I don't know anything about cameras, be happy with whatever I end up deciding on?  Probably.  But maybe not!  These are the questions I'm dealing with these days.

I wish someone would just say, "Look Jen, just get the _______ because ______, ______, and ______.  Oh, and by the way, here's $$$$ to purchase the camera."

I'm sure I'll figure it out.  But I hate the process!  I just need to relax and decide, right?


Heather said...

you are stressing out way to much! It is just a camera, you don't have to keep it your whole life. You can keep it for a while and if you don't love it in a few years sell it on ebay and buy a new one :) I have a rebel--but bought it for a friend for a steal of a deal. I don't use it everyday and I dont lug it around to places like the zoo--cause it is big and I am already taking so much with the kids. But I know when it is time to upgrade I will do all the shopping around as well, and I will definately consider a nikon ( I had a nikon when I was taking photography at UVSC) goodluck and dont stress out, I think these type of cameras hold their value pretty well so if you need to sell it I don't think you would be in a bad place. Let me know what you pick.

Kimba said...

this is exactly what i do. ohmigosh, i stressed about the carseat forever. what other thing will you buy for them that is so important?! nothing.

as for the cameras...well. i said pretty much all i know at costco, but cabe would talk to you! he knows camera speak. i do not. :)

Stephanie said...

We have the Canon Rebel and we really like it. We got ours a little while ago, so it doesn't have the video feature, but I think the new ones do. I would maybe get the less expensive camera and then invest in some good photo editing software (like Lightroom by Adobe) or invest in a macro lens since both of those things make a world of difference.

Laura said...

I am the same way about decisions: when we had to buy a bigger car, better camera, find an apartment, etc.
The ONE thing I regret about our camera is that it is not small enough to fit in my purse/diaper bag so that I an easily take it with me to the fun places we go with the kids. We have a kodak, by the way. However, I LOVE my sisters' Nikon and I wish I could give you the money to buy yourself the greatest camera. :)
Also, Maryirene's husband is into photography and could probably explain some of that camera "lingo" that you and I both don't understand.
Good luck! Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll choose a great one.

ady said...

The rebel is my baby :). Nikons have a nice satisfying shutter-click sound, but my canon rocks! Lol. I have one "big" camera and one little go-anywhere one... But the pics are so much better with the rebel that I rarely use the other. But, I am sure you'll love whichever you decide! Oh, and FYI- I've purchased two used cameras on ebay in the past. Neither one turned out well.


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