Sunday, November 14, 2010

Conversations with Samantha

These are actual conversations that took place today after church.  I repeat...these are actual conversations that took place today after church.

Conversation #1
While Samantha sits in her high chair, her mother feeds her an extra buttery grilled cheese sandwich.  The mood is lighthearted and happy. 
Mommy:  Sammy, do you want more?  Mmmmmmmmore?
Samantha:  mmmmm
Mommy:  Mmmmmoooore?
Samantha:  Mmmmmmmooooore.
Upon hearing Samantha's request for more, Mommy gives Samantha more to eat.  This conversation repeats 3 times.  Enter Daddy.
Mommy:  You've got to hear this Marcus.  Ok.  Sammy, mmmmmmmmore?
Samantha begins to kick her legs with excitement.  And though she hesitates to cooperate, decides she will after all and asks for "more" to eat.  All rejoice by clapping and cheering.

Conversation #2
Mommy, trying to multitask, begins to do some therapy during lunch.  She takes a flashlight and flashes the light in Samantha's eyes.  Samantha moves her head away and squirms in her highchair.
Mommy:  Samantha, if you want me to stop, you'll have to say "no."
Samantha:  NO!
Mommy:  Very well then.
Mommy immediately puts the flashlight away and continues to feed Samantha lunch. 

Conversation #3
 Mommy continues to give Samantha parts of the extra buttery grilled cheese sandwich.  Samantha begins to not accept the food anymore and Mommy senses thirst.  She picks up Samantha's cup and offers it to the child.
Mommy:  Sammy, do you want water?  clearly annunciating Wa.  Wa.  Wa-ter. 
Samantha:  reaching for the cup Wa.  Wad.  begins savagely drinking from the cup
Mommy:  Very good Sammy.  Water.  Water.  The sky opens to the heavens and angels descend, singing songs of praise...or at least it feels that way.

We are so excited about Sammy's progress lately.  We all, therapists included, have noticed how much Sammy's been "talking."  The other day, it occured to me that if I didn't start working on this with her, responding to what she was saying and using the opportunities to guide her speech, she'd lose it; she'd begin to connect that what she's saying isn't getting the response she needs/wants.  So, I've been working really hard to help her realize that what she says is meaningful and can help her get what she wants.  And, today, well, it was a pretty awesome day.  Our computer is down, so I haven't been able to upload pictures in a while and it may be some time before I can, so until then, yeah for progress!


reggstyl said...

Wow! Good job, Sammy! That is huge :)

Emily said...


Kimba said...

yeah for sammy! that is so exciting!

Bryant said...


Heidi said...

You're da bomb. This post makes me think of The Miracle Worker (can you believe I had to google "movie with deaf dumb blind girl starring Patty Duke" to remember the name of that movie? SOOOOO brain dead .. )

Cherie said...

I love when there are angels involved and with Sammy that is inevitable.

sagebuttercups said...

Oh what wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news! HI SAMMY! Great job!!!

rachel said...

Yay! That is fantastic Samantha! And yay to Jenny too! We need to talk one of these days...

Maren B said...



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