Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Saturday Night

It's 10:00.  Saturday night.  I'm sitting in the living room using Bryan's computer.  Analisa left to go back to school today.  I didn't get to hug her before she left because I was still asleep in bed.  I'm sad Bryan will be leaving tomorrow.  I like Bryan.  And, I'm sad Chris is leaving too.  I feel like I'm slowly getting to know him.  Last night, while we were waiting for our movie to start in the theater, I talked to him about a family vacation down to visit him in San Diego, and I got really excited thinking about it.  I like Chris.  I'm not sad like, crying sad.  But...just sad like, bummer sad.  We'll all start life up again on Monday.  But we'll be in holiday mode, and that's always a little happier isn't it? 

It's 10:03.  Marcus, Bryan, Colin, and Chris are watching Futurama (I think) in the computer room.  Callie, even after telling me over an hour ago, "I think I'm tired.  I think I need to go to bed," is playing something in her room -- saying "shew" to the birdies.  This means her imagination is in full swing and functioning well, or she's hallucinating.  Samantha is hopefully sleeping undisturbed by the drama going on in her room.

It's 10:05.  I should go to bed.  I need to finish preparing my lesson for tomorrow -- Financial Responsibility.  I just got an email from someone who read my post on Kidz on the therapy we're doing for Samantha and I'm so tempted to stay up writing her a long email answering all her questions, but I know now's not the time.  So, I blog instead.  I need to get up early to attend BYC.  I need to have my lesson ready.  I need to pack the diaper bag and lay out the clothes for the girls.  I need to do so much, but I'm feeling so unmotivated.  I just want to sit and nothing and have no consequences for it. 

10:12.  I just went in to tell Callie no more playing...except I had to bring out the stern-mommy voice.  There are clothes scattered all over the room, mixed with a few books.  We'll take care of that tomorrow.  I still hear her...singing to herself...but that's ok.  If she only knew how often I smile thinking of her after I have a stern-mommy moment. 

10:15.  Callie is now meowing.  Very loudly.  Very very loudly.  


The Nelsons said...

Sounds like a good night. :)

Kimba said...

i hate when the holidays are over too. but i am glad we now have christmas! even more family time. at least for us.

wyatt often lists the words he knows while he's going to bed. it's really amusing. :) i love the meowing...


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