Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many of you know we have started doing an additional therapy with Samantha at home.  She was first evaluated in August.  She was tested at having an overal nuerological age of 8.8 months -- this is when she was 50 months old.  We were given a plan -- what we were to do everyday.  For almost 6 months, I did what I could, Marcus helped out...I fell off the back on.  She was re-evaluated on Friday and these are her new stats:

Chronological age: 55.5 months
Nuerological age: 12.1 months

This is good.  There was a 4 months improvement over 5.5 months.  Compared to other kids her age, she's sitting at 21% -- whereas before she was 17%.  Here's the big thing though -- as good as it is to show these numbers, when you compare Samantha to herself -- when you compare her rate of progress over the 50 months to the rate of progress over the past 5 months, she has improved 289%!  She has made more progress in the past 5 months than she had made on her own (with OT, PT, Speech, Water therapy, craniosacral therapy, etc) for 50 months!  We're pretty excited over here and are looking forward to her next evaluation in July!

Way to go kiddo.  Keep it up!!!

And, just because I laugh everytime I see's what 7 frames a second looks like with Sammy!  I love our new camera.  Have I already mentioned that?


The Nelsons said...

Yay for Sammy!!! That's wonderful! :)

Emily said...

Rock on girl!

Amanda said...

That's awesome Sammy! Doing a great job. Gosh, that 2nd to last picture...her eyes pierce right into your soul! Beautiful girl.

Shian said...

Oh, that is so wonderful!

maryirene said...

wow! that is great news! i need to see you guys again, even if just for a few hours. let us know when you'll be in detroit again and we'll come see you!!!!

Rob and Marseille said...

it looks like she' doing the byu fight song: rah,rah, gooooooo cougars!


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