Monday, February 7, 2011


So, after much agonizing, we finally bought a camera back in November.  Here's how it all went down.  (Small preview of Callie dancing in the kitchen...)

After we bought our camera, Callie dancing in the kitchen.  I didn't really know how to use our camera then, so things were blurry, but I was loving the continuous shoot -- still am!

There are a few reasons why I bought the camera I bought.  One is the speed.  Now, I was debating over Nikon and Canon for awhile.  It was very stressful -- I felt like I was deciding if we should have another child or something!  It was ridiculous, but this was a very important decision for me.  I researched it out.  I asked around.  I asked YOU.  Then, I went to Wolf Camera, where they turned my world upside down!  UpSiDe DoWn I tell you!  "Have you thought of a Sony?"  SONY?!  No!  I informed the kind gentleman that I hadn't thought of Sony and I'd prefer not to be introduced because I'm sure an ulcer was forming just at the mention of a different brand.  He smiled and continued.  And, he sold me.  I had me at 7 frames per second.  Now, I've never been one to have the newest and best thing on the market, but as of now -- within this price range (a camera under $1000), this is the "best" camera on the market.  I wasn't sure if he was just throwing me a load of salesmanship or it was real.  I did my research -- AGAIN -- and I have to say, I was impressed.

The Sony NEX-5, what I purchased, is the newest addition to our family (I'm thinking of starting a scrapbook).  There were a few things I wanted in a camera: 1) speed.  In 2010, I couldn't have 12 pictures of Samantha that we liked.  TWELVE.  I feel like a year came and went and we have nothing to show of that.  I worry that if she were to pass away, I'd have missed years.  I really want these pictures to capture her so I have see her.  It's a fear of mine.  I remember when my sister left for her mission.  One day, I realized I forgot what she looked like, even though I had pictures.  I so worry about what would happen if Samantha were to die and I didn't have pictures...the fine details I'd forget over time.  So, yes, speed was important to me because she's one fast lady and we haven't got one ioda from last year.  2) color.  I wanted quality pictures.  I took some pictures with the Canon Rebel and the colors just weren't as sharp and bright as my dad's Nikon.  I wasn't sure if it was a setting thing or not, but I wanted nice color.  3) user friendly.  I'm not a photographer, so I wanted to be able to use it with ease.  4) 12 megapixels.  I wasn't exact on this, but I like to blow up pictures, so I wanted them sharp.  I wanted the most megapixels that I could get for the price I was willing to spend.  5) price

What we got.  1) speed.  Currently this is the fastest camera on the market.  2) Lens quality.  I had been planning on buying a new lens once I got a camera.  However, the lens that this camera comes with is high quality.  The only lens I'll need to purchase -- or want to purchase -- is a zoom when they come out.  Yes, it is a new camera so there are no other lenses currently but a wide lens I believe.  8 lenses are scheduled to come out in the next 2 years.  3) color.  Fantastic!  I don't remember all the lingo, but there are a ton more sensors or something, so the color is good.  There.  4) 1040 HD Video.  This was unplanned.  We weren't planning on getting video, but it was less expensive to get it in one camera then wait to buy a new video camera later.  So, we splurged.  5) Small size!  Yikes, this mama is small and fantastic.  I have a case for it, but I also bring it with me in my purse when I take Callie to ballet, and when I do quick trips.  6) weird looking.  Yeah...we've gotten some quizzical looks when I pull it out, but I love this thing, so I'm good with it.  Plus, I really think they'll be more popular and not so foreign looking within the next few years.  7) higher price.  Higher than anticipated, but once I was decided on it, I quickly earned the money needed.  To get that video, it was a couple extra hundred, but I believe worth it.  8) 14 megapixels.  9) 100s of really great pictures of our girls.   And that, to me, was worth the extra hours of tutoring and cleaning houses.

The girl's got soul.

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maryirene said...

awesome! i'm so happy for you! enjoy :)


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