Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Pictures

Since we rarely have the entire family together in Michigan, we organized a family picture.  I couldn't believe we hadn't thought of doing this...that this wasn't in our plans to begin with.  Peggy (my mother-in-law) would have already told us what color combinations to bring -- or asked our sizes and she'd have some cute stuff picked out for us.  So, when I realized that we hadn't thought of this, I had my sister get a photographer scheduled and boom -- we had a Father's Day gift for my dad!  I've only seen some of the pictures, so we'll see how they all turn out later.  Here's the sneak peek:

The entire crew.
Lisa, Adam, Ian, Alex, and Lindsay

Ted, Peggy, Hunter, Jackson, and Brayden


Mom and Dad

Alex, Lindsay, and Ian

Me, Marcus, Samantha, and Callie

Jackson, Brayden, and Hunter

Not my fav, but Callie looks cute


I know we can't see Callie's face, but I love this picture for some reason.

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Emily said...

Beautiful pictures Jen. I loved seeing all the family!


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