Friday, July 8, 2011

Your Vote Counts

I'm a believer in voting...local elections, presidential, not matter what the election may be for, our individual vote counts.  It's saying that "this matters to me and I'm letting people know."  Sometimes we just vote for the sheer sense of obligation, but sometimes it's attached to something we care about personally.  I always try to vote when I can.  This is on a much smaller scale....buuuut....

This year, right now, I am voting daily for Now I Can!  Yeah!!!  They have the opportunity to win up to $250,000 towards their program to help families like ours.  What does that mean?  That could mean more therapy time slots, more equipment, more scholarships to help families pay for the expense...

To help remind me to vote daily, I have put a banner up on top of our blog.  You can vote too -- and you can come to our blog everyday and click on the link if you don't want to remember where to go to vote.  It takes, seriously, 5 seconds, 10 seconds when my computer is slow (seriously, I counted).  I'm so grateful that Samantha will have the opportunity to attend Now I Can, and I'm so grateful for groups and companies who want to help charities like Now I Can.  All we need is a daily vote (and to tell your friends to vote).  I think we are currently in 2nd place.

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